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Course Content

1. Fundamentals of Exercise physiology, Human anatomy & Bio mechanics
2. Assess general health conditions and identification of health disorders
3. Nutrition and weight management
4. General training theory of sports and fitness
5. Communication English and ICT for fitness trainer
6. Identify client's needs.
7. Access client's health and physical fitness condition
8. Design exercise prescription
9. Set up out-door fitness environment
10. Set up in-door fitness environment
11. Implement and monitor periodic exercises
12. Plan educational/ awareness programmes.
13. Maintain professionalism as a physical fitness trainer

About the Course

For a profession that is in great demand in Sri Lanka as well as abroad, Physical Fitness Trainer NVQ Level 04 Course is an opportunity to obtain the highest professional qualification offered by the Government of Sri Lanka and is especially for those who are engaged in and aspire to be in the field of physical Fitness and sports.

Successful completion of this course will also give you the opportunity to pursue NVQ Level 5 (Diploma) and NVQ Level 6 (HND) courses.

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